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New South District Market Opens!

South District Market

The New South District Market opened on Tuesday, March 28! Stop by and check it out!
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Learn about what's going on with South District businesses as soon as it happens. Emails will be sent as news is made and your information will never be sold or shared with anyone.


Welcome to the South District!

The South of 6 Business District (So.6) is a Self-Supporting Municipal Improvement District bordering Highway 6 on the south side of Iowa City. Originally developed as Pepperwood Plaza, the District has been re-imagined as the character of the surrounding neighborhood has developed over the past few years and is poised to become a vital part of community life.

As improvements come to the District, the newly appointed Board is guided by the following principles:

So.6 is Welcoming & Diverse

Our focus is on Kindness, Inclusivity, Understanding, and Positivity.

So.6 is a place for Collaboration

So. 6 is known for bringing people, places and ideas together to share the responsibility of creating change. We seek to genuinely form and maintain reciprocal relationships that have the capacity to create meaningful trust and impactful change while creating space for us to learn more about others and ourselves. We serve southside property owners, businesses, nonprofits, residents of the neighborhood and the entire Iowa City community.

So.6 is Creative & Resilient

We actively acknowledge and tenaciously engage our curiosity to form original ideas that add value to challenges we face.

We seek to solve problems in innovative and impactful ways that move us toward our goals. We strive to find joy, embrace positively and explore reasons to celebrate

We seek out original ideas that add value. Creativity works when there is curiosity, passion, knowledge and dedication. Being creative helps to solve problems, generate more ideas and concepts, it gives confidence to your potential to make a positive difference.

So.6 on the Rise.

South of 6 Business District provides ample space for outdoor events with generous free parking. It is situated on U.S. Highway 6, with traffic counts second only to I-80 at Coral Ridge Avenue. The surrounding neighborhood is growing, with major development planned to the immediate south.

For more information, contact the District Office.

Executive Director

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South of 6 Business District is lead by Executive Director, Angie Jordan and a volunteer Board of community members committed to making So.6 all it can be.

Office Location

South of 6 Business District
611 Southgate Ave.
Iowa City, Iowa 52240

Office Hours:

M-F, 9am - 5pm